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The people behind Enterprise Technology Recruitment (EnterpriseTRL)




Candidate Manager


Candidate Manager

Barry has been in the IT recruitment game for almost three decades, and he loves the constant challenge of the ever-changing world of technology. Since establishing IT recruiting in the early 90s, he’s has seen the software industry become one of the major contributors to New Zealand’s GDP – IT generally employs tens of thousands of people.

In April of 2019, Barry launched Enterprise Technology Recruitment Ltd (Enterprise TRL). This niche recruitment agency to focuses on the rapidly expanding software product industry. Barry and the team at Enterprise TRL feel privileged to work with some of the most highly regarded people and businesses in Auckland’s software industry. 

The constantly and rapidly changing tools, technologies and concepts offer an exciting and vibrant environment, which Barry finds exciting and fascinating. Enterprise TRL is all about finding the right talent for their clients and the right opportunities for the highly skilled people that they work with.

Daniel has a deep passion for the creative arts, working professionally as both a sculptor for the film industry and touring New Zealand performing live music.
It wasn’t long though before Daniel realised his true passion lay not just in practising art, but in teaching it. And so he began a career teaching beginners, both young and old, the joys of learning music and of making art. It was this constant interaction with people that led him on the path to teaming up with Barry and utilising the skills learnt from a decade of teaching to begin a career in recruitment.

New to the world of IT, learning the vast landscape covered has been an exciting new challenge for Daniel. And though he remains adamant that C# is just D flat written incorrectly, he is rapidly developing a real love and deep interest for all things tech related.     

After a year of learning the ropes under Barry, Daniel has settled well into his role as candidate manager and truly enjoys the constant interaction with both candidates and clients.

“There is a real sense of pride and satisfaction that comes from finding someone their dream job while at the same time finding our clients their dream candidate, in short, everybody wins.” 

Craig brings a strong focus on care and support of others, coming from a background of leadership in his previous role as Flight Service Manager with Air New Zealand, for over three decades. In his earlier career with the New Zealand Police, he brings a detail-focused approach, together with a strong emphasis on respect and integrity.

In his role as candidate manager for Enterprise TRL, Craig appreciates the opportunity to meet clients and candidates from all over the globe. One of the great rewards of the role he says is supporting candidates to succeed in their career aspirations.

Craig enjoys the excitement and challenge of the ever-changing IT landscape, and values working with long-established and well-respected New Zealand software industry leaders. He feels privileged to work alongside such an experienced and professional team at Enterprise TRL.

Craig is a passionate ocean swimmer in all seasons. He loves being in the outdoors, travelling, and spending time with his wife, family and friends.


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